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How to disconnect 2 sections of a fly rod that are stuck together

by Elaine Cook

I recently had a rod that just wouldn’t come apart no matter what I did. Went on U-tube and found this 4 handed cross over technique. It was so simple and effective. Takes 2 people. Place hands on rod pieces as shown, then just pull apart. Also saw a method using tape by Kelly Gallop. Haven’t tried that method however. Don’t think I’ll jam a rod together to test it.

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Heed The Call of the Surf

by Lamar Underwood - author of "250 Amazing Fishing Tips

If the call of the surf–the breaking waves, the flowing tides, the on shore and offshore birds with their flights and cries , the great vastness of the sky and the salt-sented air — means anything at all to you, I’d like to give you a shove, not a nudge, toward getting into surf fishing. Most people who are really crazy about surf fishing have found they don’t have to catch a lot of fish to have a good day at the beach. Of course, catching fish is what makes surf fishing exciting.