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July 11 Surf Fishout at Palm State Beach

by Mark Traugott


The July Surf Fishout will take place at Palm State Beach in Watsonville, on Saturday, July 11th. The sun will rise at 6:00 a.m., and the only low tide of the day will occur at 9:59 A.M. We will meet at 6:00 A.M. sharp near the entrance to the State Park at 2660 Beach Road. (See the detailed directions below.) For information regarding equipment and technique, see the excellent instructions on surf fishing that Sam Bishop has published on our club website. The basic equipment is a five- to 7-weight rod with an intermediate to full-sinking line or sinking tip. Any type of Clouser pattern or anchovy fly will work for stripers, and small bonefish patterns (for example, Gotchas) will catch perch, especially if they have red or orange highlights. The only surf-specific piece of essential equipment is a stripping basket (which Sam makes and sells for $20 to benefit the club.) Face masks are optional while actually fishing, but, as of this writing, we expect that social distancing measures will still be in force, so all participants should plan to stay 6’ apart while gearing up and for the walk in over the dunes.

Directions: From Santa Cruz, head south on Highway 1 past the first Watsonville exits and take the Riverside Drive (Highway 129) exit. Turn right at the end of the exit ramp, then right again onto Lee Road. At the traffic light, turn left onto West Beach Road. Drive 3 miles to where West Beach Road ends just past the entrance to the State Beach and just across from the entrance to Pajaro Dunes. Park on the right along the row of eucalyptus trees.

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Fishout Update

by John Cook - Fishout organizer

Some information regarding our fishouts that are being impacted by covid-19. Be sure to also refer to the Fishout schedule and article about each individual Fishout.

1. The Green River has been canceled.

2. For surf fishouts it is easy to maintain social distancing and wear a mask.    ALSO: details about surf fishing can be found by going to the navy blue bar at the top, tap EDUCATION, then tap SURF FISHING INFORMATION.

3. The Loreto trip is still scheduled but, Rich will be making a decision around June 1st about the ability to continue with plans or cancel. Check with Rich Hewett (831)757-5709.

4. For Mammoth fishouts sign ups can still be made until accommodations are filled up until Sept. 1st. If it’s necessary to cancle, money will be refunded.

5. The Forbay fishouts should be another outing where social distancing and masks could be adhered to.

Be careful, stay safe.

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Fishout Schedule

by John Cook - fishmaster organizer

For more information about the various fishouts, see specific Gearing Up articles below or call the fishmaster for that outing. If you are interested in organizing a Fishout, call John Cook @ 831-688-1561 for information, guidance, and suggestions. Outings can be structured in many ways( simple to involved ).

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Manresa State Beach Surf Fishing 6-6-2020

by Fishmaster - Sam Bishop

 June 6 we will have an early start, because the sun rises so early. Let’s be ready to hit the beach at 0535, ready to fish. So put your waders on at home and have your rod ready. You can rig it up completely then just break it down into two pieces for transportation. Manresa parking is right outside the beach entrance and sometimes fills quickly with surfers and other anglers, so if there is no place to park, keep driving another ¼ mile and turn right on Ocean View, then another right into a larger parking area. There are stairs down to the beach. We will fish to the NORTH side of the stairs, all the way up to the railroad bridge.

There is a minus 1.5 low tide at 0550, so we will be fishing a very low slack to flood tide. This is a great opportunity to observe the structures of the beach with the water so low. Only caution is to be careful not to get way out and realize ½ an hour later that the tide came in so far it will be tricky getting back in. This beach has a tendency to have a much more active surf and is popular for Striper fishing. Jim Hall got a great one here before the tardy club fishermen even got to the beach.

As always, I will have spare fishing baskets and extra flies, so if you don’t know what to bring, take (and keep) mine. Questions?, or 831-274-4024 or 831-476-6451 (home).

Take San Andreas Road all the way to just past the railroad trestle. If the parking area is full, continue to Oceanview Drive and follow it to the wide parking area, gate to the stairs is on the right side. Walk up the beach 100 yards and find us. Red circles = parking.

Date:  July 12-16, 2020

Place:  Loreto, Baja California, Mexico

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Loreto Fly Fishing Trip

Fishmaster: Rich Hughett

Note: The Loreto trip is still scheduled but, Rich will be making a decision around June 1st about the ability to continue with plans or cancel. Check with Rich Hewett (831)

Sign Up Now! Experience a new HIGH! Fish for Dorado, and many other salt-water fish, including Bonito, Roosters, Yellowtail and Sailfish on a fly! Join the group going to Loreto in Baja from Sunday, July 12th through Thursday, July 16th. This trip includes:

  • Four nights at the beautiful Hotel La Mision, on the water-front next to Loreto Harbor.
  • Three days of fishing on 24-foot Super Pangas, with fly fish-ing guides.
  • Ground transfers and fishing licenses.

It does not include meals, because there are some nice restaurants (A lot of fresh seafood!) in town or if you prefer, eat at the hotel, where they will cook your catch.

The fishing day starts around 6:00 a.m. and we usually get back to the harbor between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m. Spend the rest of the afternoon fishing from the beach, having a cool drink in the pool, exploring Loreto, or just sitting around telling some tall fish stories. And, you will have many exciting moments on the Sea of Cortez to talk about.

The approximate cost for everything but meals and airfare is: $900.00 per person (double occupancy). Interested? Please contact Rich Hughett, 831-757-5709, for all the details. You will need to book airline flights* as soon as possible. No advance payment needed.

*Southwest Airlines from San Jose and Alaska Airlines from Los Angeles to Loreto. Rich will help with your airline reservations

Date:  Sept. 19th-26th and Sept. 26th-Oct. 3rd.

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Mammoth Lakes Fishout

Fishmaster: John Cook

This fishout will take place over two consecutive week periods. You may sign up for either one or both.

LOCATION:  Mammoth Lakes is on the eastern side of the Sierras, 6 to 7 hours drive from Santa Cruz. There are many lakes and streams in the area to fish. We will be staying in condominiums in the town of Mammoth Lakes. There are two people per bedroom. A private room is also possible , but at increase cost.

COST:  The cost includes: (room  — 3 meals a day — linen — hot tub )      $310/week    $660 for 2 weeks    $590/ week for private room. Money is not refundable UNLESS the fishout is canceled (Covid-19). If there are any funds received and not used, they will be used for prizes for our annual fund raiser.

MEAL PREPARATION: Each person will be assigned to a group kitchen day. The group will set out breakfast and lunch foods, store unused food, prepare evening meal and clean up, on the assigned day.

SIGN UP: Call to sign up. Sign ups are available until all spaces filled. Your spot will be reserved when I receive your check. Mail check made out to John Cook, P.O. Box 2822, Aptos, Ca., 95001-2822.  I will maintain a waiting list.

Stay Well—Stay Safe

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Surf Fishing time again – Saturday May 9 – 5:50 am

by Sam Bishop, Surf "Fishmaster"

Let’s hope the beaches remain open so we can once again enjoy teasing the Surf Perch and Stripers (Strippers?) on Rio Del Mar Beach.
We will be fishing an ebb tide, with a 06:50 am low at -1.4’. Sunrise is just after 6 am.

Take Rio Del Mar Blvd all the way until it drops down onto the flats, take a left 180, circling left around the roundabout and drive down Beach Drive about half a mile to the State Park area and park outside. Do NOT stop near the round-a bout! You will see us.

I will have spare stripping baskets and flies. If you haven’t been out in a long time, please click here to review the article I wrote on surf fishing on this website.

We don’t serve coffee and I don’t bring doughnuts, we just fish. Sometimes we end up at the Pixie Deli for post-fishing breakfast burritos, but since everything is closed, that probably won’t happen this time.

Date:  April 17-19 and May 1-3, 2020

Place:  Near Henry Coe Park

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Roostercomb Ranch Fishouts

Fishmaster: Cecilia Stipes

This is our club’s 21th annual fishout to the Roostercomb Ranch, owned and operated by Scott Wilkinson. This private ranch is located adjacent to Henry Coe State Park, 22 miles off Hwy 152 from the entrance which is 5 miles from Casa de Fruta Restaurant in Hollister. It is a 3-day fun-filled weekend with fishing 9 bass ponds, hiking, birding and photography on nearly 6,000 acres. The ponds are primarily fished from float tubes or from the bank using woolly buggers and poppers. You can also bring conventional spin rods and gear. Accommodations are the 1928 ranch house and a cowboy bunk house, or if you prefer, your own tent or vehicle. Breakfasts and dinner meals/barbecues are organized by teams. Lunches, snacks and beverages are individuals’responsibilities. For more details, please feel free to call me.

The terrain is rough, rocky and sometimes steep; therefore all vehicles MUST be 4-WD or AWD with good clearance to drive in and around the ranch! If you do not have a 4-WD vehicle, I can make arrangements for you to carpool with other members or with Scott. Non-fishers are always welcome. Each fishout is limited to 15 fishers and 4 non-fishers. NOTE: You are only able to call in for yourself and your partner, and children.

COST: $250 /person (no charge for children 12 yrs and under). The earliest sign-up for either or both fishouts, is by phone call: Thursday, March 19, 7:00 pm. Your confirmation is not complete until I receive your check, please contact me for address to mail check.

Date:  TBA April through May

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Bourdet Ranch

Fishmaster: Cecilia Stipes

For anyone who would like to bass fish, I am offering day trips to the Bourdet Ranch in Hollister across from Casa de Fruta Restaurant on Hwy 152. Dates to be announced as we approach bass spawning season (April through May, sometimes into June). This is a really good opportunity for new fly fishers to learn skills quickly on ponds where blue gill and bass are eager to Bourdet RanchCecilia Stipes – 831-335-5727 – flyfishgal3@aol.comtake your flies. Each trip will be limited to six fishers, non-fishers are welcome. Cost $75/per son. 4-WD vehicle is required, you will fish from float tubes and need fins. (I have extra tubes to lend). I am creating a list with names from which to call once I pin down dates. If you are interested, please email or call me with your name and phone number.

Date:  May 31, 2020

Time:  Canceled

Place:  Quail Hollow Ranch

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Fly Fishing 101: Public Education Day – CANCELED

Unfortunately, this class has been canceled due to the COVID19 pandemic. This is an annual Fly Club tradition, so check back next sprint.

The event is hosted in conjunction with the Santa Cruz County Parks, Education and Conservation Program. Our club and the sport of fly fishing is recognized for taking care of our environment and passing on a conser-vation legacy. Quail Hollow Ranch is a beautiful mountain park acquired by the county in the mid 80s. It features a 300-acre preserve that was once the home to Ohlone Indians, Spanish ranchers, even the headquarters for Sunset Magazine. Now it is home to a few horses, a natural history center and a spring-fed “untouchable” bass and bluegill pond. Don’t forget the binocu-lars, as this is a major stop on the bird watchers circuit. The Ranch is located above Felton, about a mile up Zayante Rd., a left turn just past the old Trout Farm Inn.

The day is geared toward introducing and educating the public as to why the members of our club are so hooked on fly fishing. Fly Fishing 101 will be taught by a member expert in the morning, followed by casting lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. There will also be fly tying demonstrations

Kids and grandkids are especially welcome, so bring them along. They are the future of both fly fishing and conservation, so it’s important to expose them to the sport. This event is all going to happen rain or shine. Everything is provided for fly casting, rods and reels, and hookless yarn flies. There will be fly tying demonstrations as well. This will be a great club event, with a special invitation to all mem-bers to come out and represent what we’re all about. Members who attend should be sporting some club attire, like one of our baseball caps, a T-shirt, or a casting shirt with our logo on it, and your name tag, so guests can tell who we are. There’ll be a BBQ lunch for everyone. Tell a friend and bring a friend to Fly Fishing 101 at Quail Hol-low Ranch, Sunday, May 31st, 2020.

Date:  July 11-17 (Saturday through following Friday)

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The Green River, Utah – CANCELED

This fishout has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 restrictions, which may or may not still be in force in July 2020.  The principle attendees have all expressed their disinclination to travel out of state to Utah because of the residual risk of unfamiliar contact.  John and Pat Steele will not be leading the fishout, they are not going.  If other persons wish to go to the Green River, to Dutch John, which is the town where the lodging is located, at Trout Creek Flies, they should call and make their own reservations for both lodging and for river guides.  The number to call at Trout Creek is 435-885-3355.  There are other lodging options in the area, Flaming Gorge Lodge, at 435-889-3773, and Red Canyon Lodge, at 435-889-3773.

We will miss this fishout very much, it has been a trip that John has been taking every year for over 25 years.  Hopefully, this pandemic is over by this time next year.  Stay safe, shelter in place until otherwise notified, and please take care of yourselves and each other.  We will get through this!