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The online raffle is here!

by Prize Guy, Jeff Goyert

We are going to do a little online raffle this month for a great Echo rod and reel package. Click here to purchase your tickets in blocks of $5, $10, $15, or $20. NOTE: purchase of a $20 block gets you 5 extra free bonus tickets!!!

The prize package this month is a beautiful Echo Carbon XL  9 foot 4 piece rod with a carbon fiber reel seat. This is matched up with an Echo Ion lightweight cast machined aluminum reel. The large arbor design makes for faster retrieves,  consistent drag performance,  and minimal line memory. The drag system is a smooth Rulon/stainless steel disk, the reel can be easily changed from left to right hand retrieve.

The best news is that the the lucky winner get to choose between a 4wt. or 5wt. Rod!

Click here to purchase your tickets. Winner need not attend August Zoom meeting to win.

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Get ready for an online raffle!

by By prize guy, Jeff Goyert

It’s been a while since we could have one of our good old fashion buy a raffle ticket, win a new fly rod events at on of  our monthly meeting. This isn’t for a lack of goodies to raffle off. My back storage room is loaded great fly fishing gear, quite the opposite of the toilet paper aisle at Safeway.

So, what I am going to try to do is do an online/meeting raffle. Figure for the September Meeting I will lay out the loot with instructions as to how to purchase tickets. Somehow online with a credit card though our newsletter/website? I don’t know but we will try to figure it out.

In the mean time, enjoy your 4th of July,  see you at the August BBQ.

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by prize guy, Jeff Goyert

I still haven’t figured out how to do an actual zoom meeting raffle collecting money and selling tickets, I can barely boot up my computer much less write binary quantum digital stuff. Having said that, during last month’s zoom meeting we were able to pull off a pretty good door prize give away. So we will do it again!

What we have this month is a really handy gizmo called a Stanley Fat Max jump starter and compressor.  Most of us in lock down have not been using our vehicles very often resulting in dead batteries and low tire pressure. To the rescue comes this jumper for you battery and an electric pump for your tires. This also includes USB ports to charge your phone and attached trouble light. Perfect for the garage or stashed away in the truck on your next fishing adventure.

Remember, every body gets a free ticket.  Winner must be present at the June Fly club zoom meeting.

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I was all set to raffle off T-shirts, hats, and bumper stickers that screamed


however I haven’t quite figured out to do an online raffle but I am still working on it. What I am going to do for the May zoomer  meeting is to do virtual door prize. Everybody gets a free ticket, must attend the meeting to win.

First the prize! We have a really trick Phixton XM-L2 tactical & military WT-04 rechargeable flashlight torch. Included are both ac and USB charging accessories or can function on three AAA batteries. All of this is packaged in mil-spec snap closure case. Perfect for the car, boat, float tube,  or airplane.

“How to I get a door prize ticket?”

As everbody  logs into the meeting I will write names on tickets that will go into a hat for the drawing. The lucky winner will receive their prize by USPS. What could be simpler?

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Good things come to all that wait

by Prize guy, Jeff Goyert

Just a little tease for the next club raffle. The big prize will be a 10 ft. 3wt Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph rod with a Rio Euro Nymph sighted leader with tippet ring. Along with these will be the DVD by Devine Olsen on how the whole Euro Nymph thing works. If you ever thought about trying this, now is your chance.

Since lock down here in the bunker I have been ordering a lot of cool stuff, stay tuned.

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Forget March Madness—We have great March prizes!

by Monthly Raffle Director Jeff Goyert

Just in time for your big trip to Pyramid Lake we have an Echo Ion XL 9 ft. 8 wt. Rod which features a twin ring locking reel seat, alignment dots on each of the four sections, and a nice little fighting butt. Paired with this rod is an Echo Ion large arbor Rulon disc reel. This package is perfect for the big fish and the big winds that Pyramid is known for. It also is a nice rig for the surf.

In case we have forgotten, it is still on the cool side of spring so it might be nice to have a little bit of heat on these cold mornings when we are outdoors. This Little Buddy heater runs off the small propane tanks putting out 3800 BTU’s of heat for in the tent, the back of the truck or in the shop. It will heat up to 95 square feet and will run for over 5 hours on single tank of gas. Also great for the bath at home when the power is out.

As long as we’re up early in the dark or possibly facing a power outage, a GE Enbrighten lantern can help light the way. It puts out 500 lu-mens of bright white light for 180 hours running on 4 D cell batteries. It features 3 light levels and a carabiner style hanger handle.

DOOR PRIZE! EVERYONE GETS A FREE TICKET! We have a really nice little pocket knife by Opinel of Savoie France. It has a twist lock ring and Trout image wooden handle. The company dates back to the late 1800’s. It is perfect for streamside picnic lunch preparation.